So You Want to Be a Coach?

So You Want to Be a Coach?


We men go through a lot of stuff. So do women. The problem is, we men don’t like to open up about our struggles. In order to open up the conversation, I’ll start by talking about things I have gone through from my perspective as a Father, son, working man, old jock, veteran, and divorcee. Hopefully by sharing my experiences and what I learned from them, someone else may benefit. Support this podcast:

Moms do a lot for their families. Throw in the factor of being single, now you double the amount of what a mother does. One thing I have found is that single mothers tend to be extra industrious in making ends meet. Often times, they turn to entrepreneurship to close the financial gap. They become M.O.M; “Mothers On a Mission” to ensure their children are provided for.

These mothers go back to school, work two jobs, learn new skills, or simply lean on skills they already have. My first guest MOM is no exception. She is a mother of two boys with a Master’s level education. I have known her for about a decade and have seen her at work as a party planner, wedding coordinator, and over all project manager.

Ms Danelle Thompson created Inspired Impressions, in which she offers her event coordination services to people who desire their event to be excellent and memorable to all that attend. She shares with me her wisdom as a MOM entrepreneur while juggling a family and a career. Danelle mentions her future goal in this segment. Help her get her vision off the ground by supporting her business (see IG and FB location), or donating a few dollars to a GoFundMe account created to get her newest endeavor off the ground.

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