Let’s Coach with Carolyn  –  Career Strategist, Leadership and Life Coach

Let’s Coach with Carolyn – Career Strategist, Leadership and Life Coach


Carolyn R. Owens and her guests, bring a wealth of experience, offering, strategies, tips, and techniques from the coaching world. It’s an uplifting, motivating hour offering a unique perspective on life, taking the best from the professional and sports coaching worlds for you to apply in your every day life. Let Carolyn help you transform and enhance your life and raise your game to the next level. Always remember – If it ain’t broke…make it better! Episode 182: Is Customer Service Still Important with guest Dr. Kelly Henry Have you noticed a change in how employees treat customers these days? Businesses and non-profits in all industries have chosen to focus more on marketing, advertising, and social media rather than customer service. Maybe it doesn’t matter anymore. Should they focus more on customer service? Businesses haven’t really seen any impact on their profits or fundraising, at least not yet. Is customer service the game changer to increased revenue and repeat customers? What about the public sector such as government agencies and police departments? Our guest this week believes customer service is more important now more than ever. For 20 plus years, award-winning chiropractor Dr. Kelly Henry helped patients achieve and live healthier lives. With the foundation of exceptional customer service and streamlined business procedures, Dr. Henry grew his business into the top producing chiropractic clinics in the nation with multiple locations and doctors. After retiring from private practice in 2018, Dr. Henry has dedicated himself to consulting and coaching business owners on how to create incredible growth and profits using the processes and procedures he used to create phenomenal success in his offices. In this episode, Dr. Henry shares some of his best tips and strategies on how to implement and provide exceptional customer service to skyrocket your business to success.

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