KickStart Your Coaching Edge

KickStart Your Coaching Edge


Coaching: Invigorating. Inspiring. Isolating. Ever feel like you could use some backup? In this no-BS podcast, master coaches and founders of KickStart Your Edge, Jenn Barley and Karen Sullivan, are in your corner like ninjas in tutus (stealthy, but with flair). As your secret coaching weapons, Jenn and Karen build your coaching mojo each month by breaking down tough concepts. The Thing Behind the Thing: Check. ICF Core Competencies: Check. No-hold-barred discussions: Check. Laughs: Double Check. Learn more at

What does accountability mean to you? To your team? What does it even mean? As Karen will tell you, the dictionary falls flat on its face when defining accountability. But have no fear! In this episode, Jenn and Karen fill in the blanks, giving the concept great coaching context and beyond. Accountability is tied to relationships, alignment, and expectations. Listen in and try to get beyond Jenn’s knock-knock joke.

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