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Want to learn how to build a profitable coaching business, the RIGHT way? Then welcome to HIGH IMPACT COACHING A group for coaches, by coaches, and hosted by The Coach of Coaches – best selling author, world renown speaker, Zander Fryer www.zanderfryer.com/reviews Because you’re tired of all the “get rich quick” marketer B.S. out there and want the TRUTH for what it takes to build and scale your business and IMPACT. See, you’ve got a mission. And this world needs your help. This mission isn’t for everyone. If it were easy we wouldn’t have a problem. But you didn’t sign up for easy. You signed up for IMPACT… and this group is for you. So, welcome to the family. This podcast is part of Shit You Don’t Learn in College, a company founded by Zander Fryer to help coaches build sustainable and profitable businesses in just months not years (…even if they are just starting out) Enjoy!

Hello, friends. It is Jay Williams, head of client success here at high impact coaching. And I am here with Rehan Lakhani. Rehan is a Naturopathic Doctor focused on helping professionals Overcome Anxiety and has been doing this for five years. And today we’re going to learn how he grew his business with a very small following and a single channel, and why he is now a coach here at High Impact Coaching.

Rehan realized at a very young age the Big impact Food has on healing. His first job was personal training and helping people achieve their fitness goals. That naturally evolved into combining the exercise and food pieces and eventually, that led him to become a Naturopathic Doctor.

Today we take a look at his Journey to becoming a professional in the space. We’re going to take a look at his business, and how he’s consistently attracting new clients without relying on social media.

Let’s impact together!


You Will Learn:

– What got Rehan into coaching.

– The 10.000 Hours to mastery.

– How most people live their lives based on ideas they never challenge.

– The “Why” Behind a successful Business.

– Why 50-60% of all practitioners quit at some point in the first 5 years.

– The importance of building relationships.

– How we doubled our income during covid.


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