Coaching is a Bitch, but I Love it!

Coaching is a Bitch, but I Love it!


The: Coaching is a Bitch, but I Love it, podcast show started out for life coaches, bossbabes, and creativepreneurs. As the show expanded it’s also become a safe space for women on the New Age spiritual path to receive spiritual downloads, high vibing advice, and healing, as shared through the eyes of Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Mentor, Debra Bowen. Debra keeps it real. It is all about her relatable experiences and client’s transformations, that spiritually aligned women and heart based entrepreneurs, can relate to.

Hello Beautiful Soul!

I am so excited to share with my audience a deeply healing meditation for those who have gone through any kind of childhood drama.

When I first started my practice, I realized very quickly that almost all of my clients’ pain points as adults, stemmed from when they were children. I wanted to help them in a way that was outside of traditional coaching. Just like in ACIM,(A Course in Miracles) I asked my spirit guides,”What would you have me do?’. Instantly I knew they wanted me to channel a healing meditation, and thus my Quan Yin Inner Child Healing Meditation was created!

If you, or someone you know suffers from abandonment issues, verbal abuse, mental abuse, physical or sexual abuse as a child, and nothing has worked to cut chords with the past, give my meditation a try. It’s free and doesn’t cost anything but your time. You may have to listen to it more than once, but it’s totally worth it.

Sometimes it’s not enough to listen to the meditation in order to cut chords, in that case you can message about a one on one session.

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