Breakpoint w/ Dr. Patrice J. Carter

Breakpoint w/ Dr. Patrice J. Carter


I am Dr. Patrice Carter, the Coache’s Coach and I am here to help you LEVEL UP! I am a Certified Coach/Trainer; highly sought after national and international Speaker, a published Author and Founder of Breakpoint Publishing. You have come to the right place if you want to go from barely scraping by to soaring on the heights God is calling you to!

In this broadcast, I share with you 5 Ways a Life Coaching Business Can Bring in Revenue! I hope it blesses you! Let me know and please be sure to Like, Subscribe, Share and Connect with me/us!

I get asked all of the time by Coaches who want to come through our certification program or are just entering the industry, “can I make a living as a Life Coach”, i.e. “can I make money”? The answer is “YES”, you can make a substantial and self-sustainable living as a Certified Christian Life Coach! You can grow sustainable and self-sustaining income and wealth as well as leave a legacy for your family by doing what you love and what God, your CEO, has called you to do!

We are SO proud to share that one of our key tenets here at Breakpoint Coaching is that we not only prepare our Coaches by teaching them the skill os successful coaching using a faith-based model of coaching, we also walk with them hand in hand to build and establish their coaching businesses from the ground up!

So, let’s get right into it! The five(5) ways, plus some bonus tips, that you can bring in revenue as a Life Coach are:

***FIRST, pray and ask God to send you the nations! Psalm 2:8 (TPT) “Ask me to give you the nations and I will do it, and they shall become your legacy. Your domain will stretch to the ends of the earth.”

– You MUST Coach! I know you though this was going to be some mind-blowing, super secret key tip! So often Coaches set up a business and put all of the pieces in place, but they NEVER start to actually coach.

One fo the key ways to do this is through Networking! You MUST go on social media and hit the “LIVE” button and share your story, your products and services and speak to your target audience. They will resonate with you as an expert and gain a sense of whether or not you would be a good fit.

2. Be positioned and steady- when you launch your practice! No-one wants to or can follow a moving target! You MUST be consistent in your business and allow clients to experience you as a safe, reliable and constant source of help and inspiration. Inconsistent people are not trustworthy and this is borderline disobedience if this is something that the Lord has called you to do and this place doesn’t bear fruit.

3. Generate Referrals- there is nothing more lucrative and key for a business than a warm referral. It’s like a chocolate chip cookie 🍪 (or insert your own yummy dessert reference here) and gives clients again a sense that you have social proof and that you’re considered an expert and worthy of being invested in. This creates the “like, know, trust” factor that is important when people consider investing in our products and services.

4. Ask for the business- The Bible tells us that we have not because we ask not! At the beginning or the end of each of your social media posts, networking, cold calls, etc. you need to ask your potential clients for their business!

5. Networking is KING! Be willing to network and to put yourself out there! Check out some free webinars to learn how to be better at pitching and social networking!

KEEP LISTENING FOR BONUE TIPS! You DON’T want to miss these!

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