Taoalogues — dialogues about Taoism. A series of short conversations with 15th-generation Taoist Master Gu Shining of the Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy. We are situated in the Wudang Mountains in Central China. In our woodland shelter, the House of Pooh, we talk about all manner of questions concerning Taoism and about life from a Taoist perspective. Full transcriptions are available on atramtakesflight.blog/taoalogues.

Master Gu and Eli talk about the Wudang Mountains. Serene and tranquil home to Taoism; also a popular tourist site. How do tourists and Taoists coexist? And what does the “dust” in chapter 4 of the Tao Te Ching mean? What is “merging with the dust” about? Master Gu has some simple yet powerful advice for Eli and everyone about how to maintain inner peace.

The poem at the start, ‘I Am Wudangshan’ is Eli’s modest verbal DIY.

Find Master Gu at www.taoistwellness.com.

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