Daoist Paths to a High Energy Life

Daoist Paths to a High Energy Life


Happy, High Energy Lifestyle based on the ancient practise of the Daoist Arts. Whether you spell it Taoist or Daoist, this ancient philosophy and system of physical exercises, energy work and meditation is a gateway to a spiritual world within the crazy modern life we find ourselves living in. Join Wai-Yii, author of the best-selling book WAY OUT – A Daoist Path to a Fearless Life as she shares how this wisdom from the East can make life better today. A wide-ranging discussion about the Taoist Arts of Lishi with Senior Lishi Coach Wa-Yii. We discuss topics like: – how she got started, – the difference between Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation – Why right now is the best time to start doing Lishi – How to choose which Tai Chi to learn – Where is the first Daoist temple in the UK going to be – What happens when she travels to China with her Master and much more…. Discover more at https://lishi.org Find classes in Leeds at https://lishi.org/leeds Find classes in the UK at https://lishi.org/find-a-class Follow Wai-Yii on social: “Lishi Leeds Tai Chi” on facebook, twitter, instagram and YouTube

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    3 years ago