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The One with Shabd


The One with Shabd is a podcast featuring in-depth interviews with leading minds on all things Sikh: religion, culture, philosophy, history, politics, and more. Listen to learn about the ideas, spirit, and people that shape the multifaceted universe known as Sikhi. What inspires a Sikh to wear a turban and grow long hair? What significance do Sikhi’s symbology and ritual have to a people whose religion is skeptical of both? Why do Sikhs carry swords? What was the Sikh Empire? Also learn about contemporary Sikh politics, historical research and people organising for a Sikh political future.

In this episode, Shabd interviews Navyug Gill about the historic and ongoing farmers’ protests in India.

Navyug Gill is a professor in the department of history at the William Paterson University in New Jersey with a doctorate from Emory University Atlanta, GA. He specialises in Modern South Asia, Labor History, Agrarian Studies, Caste Politics, Global Capitalism, Postcolonial Theory, and Subaltern Studies.

They talk about the history of agriculture and its politics that led to this moment including the Green Revolution, Anandpur Sahib resolution and more. They talk about the bills and what they’re trying to really achieve, farmers’ strategies, Sikh ethos and its relationship with a “secular” and universal movement, and the future of this movement

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