Nanak Time – Apply Guru Nanak’s Teachings in your life

Nanak Time – Apply Guru Nanak’s Teachings in your life


Nanak Time is dedicated to anyone who wants to live a beautiful and purposeful life. Inspired from the Japji Sahib Gurbani composed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, founder of the Sikh way of life, this app explores universal concepts such as Oneness, Truthful Living and living Without Fear and Hate. * Explore the 9 Gems of Mool Mantar by listening to short Audio Lessons and Guided Meditations Each of the 9 words (Gems) encompass a truly global concept of habits, traits and mindset we should aim to achieve. *A free app is available on Android and iOS to journal, apply and reflect on meditations.

When you live your life with Oneness, you will experience a deep sense of joy and ease because you recognise that flow of the universe is within you.

Situations and Circumstances where you struggle to cope, or feel a general sense of disconnect, frustration and anger usually signify some misalignment within yourself.

These could be at home, work, school or any other area of your life that is a source of anxiety.

The previous exercise helped you to take the first step toward connecting to the Oneness from within through some deep breathing.

This exercise is going to help you to apply Oneness in your daily life.


– Realize that there is One. One universe, One Source, One Light.
– Adopt Principal of Oneness by first understanding that God is not a separate entity, but rather a light/energy within us and all around us.
– Apply Oneness to everyday life starting with tiny adjustments within social circles eg, greater acceptance of everyone being equal and also part of the One, hence increasing level of natural compassion and empathy
– Seek to bring peace into daily life by aligning with the concept of abundance, and blessings to those you interact with. This will help deepen understanding and heal negativity in relationships.
– Understand Oneness – that you are an important part of overall universe; the world is not unfamiliar; you belong; sense of belonging; you see all as one human race; you are connected at several levels; it allows us to see and feel we are connected to everyone and everything;
– Inspire others by creating momentum for the people around by living in the spirit of Oneness.

EDUCATION STANDARDS – Definitions to know

– Guru Nanak = The first of 10 of the Sikh Gurus (Founder of Sikhism)
– Ek = One
– On = Everything
– Kar = Creator
– Ek Onkar = Oneness (One with Everything)

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