Unaffiliated: The Search for Meaning

Unaffiliated: The Search for Meaning


Deep, unmediated interviews with religiously unaffiliated and affiliated Americans who have insightful views on spirituality, connection, and the search for meaning. Weekly conversations with host Kathryn Elliott, a journalist and spiritual integration coach who enjoys interfaith, intercultural dialogue and authentic conversation that brings people together. || New episodes uploaded weekly on Tuesdays.

In Episode 7 of Unaffiliated, host Kathryn Elliott talks with a man named Ben von Bredow about “Friday night dinner,” a complex, tradition-laden gathering that he participated in for two years while studying in the United States. In the midst of ‘Turkish tea service,’ cordial smoke breaks, and post-dinner exchanges of poetry and song, Ben discovered a group of people committed to mutual self-expression and hospitality.

Also in this episode, Ben explains why “strangers must be tamed,” (drawing from children’s book The Little Prince) and describes the philosophy of ‘personalism,’ which he says is at the heart of Friday Night Dinners.

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