Spirituality Matters with Rev Karla

Spirituality Matters with Rev Karla


Spirituality Matters with Rev Karla is a podcast for the spiritual but not religious. Rev Karla is an ordained interfaith minister, a writer, a wife, a mom, a grandmother and a spiritual sojourner. She explores topics from sin and religious trauma to empathy and self-care through stories of her own experiences and spiritual practices to help you find your path to God. God is big enough to share and there is room for you at this table. You can find more of Rev Karla’s spiritual teachings on her website revkarla.com.

In this episode, Rev Karla discusses some hard truths about the realities of today. Our spirituality is connected to everything including racism, politics and activism. Rev Karla ends the episode with a few questions to help you in a contemplative practice reflecting on 2021. You can read more on this topic in Rev Karla’s blog post and watch the video version of this episode on YouTube.

Resources for this episode include: Prison Policy, U.S. Academic Achievement Lags, White Male Minority, Heather Cox Richardson, Pastor’s Gun Giveaway

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