Interfaith Matters

Interfaith Matters


Interfaith Matters is an original podcast series from The Interfaith Center of New York that explores how interfaith engagement matters to making positive social change

Hosted by Hanadi Doleh, ICNY Director for Community Partnerships

Throughout New York, clergy members, lay leaders and faith-based activists from every faith tradition are working to create positive change for our own communities and the city as a whole. But all too often we find ourselves working alone — without a strong network of interfaith ties, or knowledge of the city’s civic institutions. One way leaders can gain the tools they need to make a difference is through the Interfaith Center of New York’s Interfaith Civic Leadership Academy, an intensive seven-month leadership development program, about to launch its third year.

In this episode of our #InterfaithMattersPodcast, host Hanadi Doleh talks with three graduates of the Interfaith Civic Leadership Academy about some of the most useful (and sometimes unexpected) aspects of the academy, and what many NYC faith-based activists can stand to gain from participating.

Pictured above, left to right:

– Hanadi Doleh, Director for Community Partnerships at the Interfaith Center of New York
– Ayoka (Mayanah) Johnson, founder of Genesis 2 Ministries and Ha Nasheem
– Dharmachari Ananta, member of the Triratna Buddhist Order
– Sati Gurdial, General Secretary of the Tristate Arya Samaj


Calling all NYC faith leaders working to make a difference!

Apply now for the next #InterfaithCivicLeadershipAcademy.

Build your leadership skills and your multifaith network through interfaith dialogue and civic engagement training. Be the leader your city needs you to be. Clergy, lay leaders, and faith-based activists from all communities welcome to apply.

Stipends for participants and grants for community projects.


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This episode of “Interfaith Matters” is guest hosted by Hanadi Doleh and edited by executive producer Kevin Childress.

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