Youth Ministry In Motion

Youth Ministry In Motion


Too many youth ministries are getting stuck and too many youth workers are giving up. Through this podcast, I want to keep you motivated and your youth ministries moving forward. I want to take my 30 years of youth ministry and break down questions youth workers are asking, How do I grow our youth ministry? What can I do to develop my preaching skills? When is the best time to do a lock in (easy answer, never!) I know that youth pastors who are always learning, and remain spiritually healthy, can make an impact in their church, community, and on their students lives. Thanks for listening and loving teenagers. If the name Chris Sligh sound familiar it’s because Chris was on the sixth season of American Idol and was a top ten finalist. This is a bit of a re-introduction to who Chris is, what he’s been up to and where he’d like to go, but he also offers some raw words of wisdom as he shares his life experiences. Follow Chris on Instagram @ChrisSligh Check out his website at

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