Youth Ministry for the Longer Haul Podcast

Youth Ministry for the Longer Haul Podcast


The Longer Haul’s Jody Livingston and Chris Trent help you survive and thrive in your Youth Ministry or Student Ministry by giving you practical helps, tips, resources, and how-to’s. Get help through interviews and training to be more effective in your preaching, teaching, leading, partnering with families, building Youth Ministry teams, Youth Ministry events, managing your Youth Ministry and more. Whether you are a veteran, rookie, paid, or volunteer Youth Pastor, Youth Minister or Youth Worker, you will find encouragement and practical, scalable tools to have a greater influence on teens with the gospel. Find show notes at The generation of students we’re all ministering to right now is going through unprecedented times… or are they? More on that in a minute. Ok, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. Like you, Jody and I have been trying to navigate doing youth ministry in COVID and learning new rhythms for how we do life. That said, we’re back! And we’re back BIG! In this episode, you’ll hear from Dr. Tim Elmore as he shares with us about his new book, The Pandemic Population. This is SUCH a timely interview as he addresses how COVID may impact our teenagers and ways we can help shape their narrative. LINKS MENTIONED JOIN THE PODCAST GROUP! Click here to join our Longer Haul Youth Ministry Podcast Facebook Group SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS! AIR O SPORT is a new engaging, multi-use game that’s guaranteed to get everyone in on the fun! Easy to learn, challenging to master…boredom never stood a chance! Be sure to use the promo code: LONGERHAUL to save on shipping and get a free upgrade on your discs. YM360 is the premier provider of youth ministry Bible study curriculum, student devotionals, DiscipleNow resources, youth leader development, and summer camp experiences through GENERATE Camp by YM360. Check out YOUTH MINISTRY THREE SIXTY at For being a loyal listener use promo code: LONGERHAUL for 20% off your next order. *some exclusions apply* I.N.F.O for Families Check out their brand new resource for helping families navigate smartphones. Use the promo code: LONGERHAUL for 25% off of your order of Smart Phones 101. Head over and check it out at!

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