Unqualified with Yanni B. Jay

Unqualified with Yanni B. Jay


Welcome To Unqualified! Unqualified with Yanni B. Jay is a podcast about a girl who just wants to tell her story and do Kingdom Business. Being a millennial with a heart for God in today’s society is super hard. I just want to talk about my personal experiences and how I see God through them all. My goal is while listening, you will see that this “Unqualified” girl may not be so unqualified after all…

She Took A LONG Hiatus, BUT SHE’S BACK!

On this episode, Yanni B. Jay faced some hard truths about her life and how her year has been going. She refers back to some powerful words spoken to her over the last couple of years and how it has brought her to this point. Hope something resonates with you! 🙂

Also stay tuned at the end for a special treat.

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