RUF at the University of Tennessee

RUF at the University of Tennessee


Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), specifically on college campuses. These sermons are from the RUF at UTK.

We begin a new sermon series through the gospel of John entitled: “Streams in the Desert: Finding the Fullness of God in Empty Places.” The claim of the semester is that in the midst of the wilderness and empty places of our lives, God shows up and brings his fullness. So every week we will look at an empty place and see how the fullness of Jesus brings new life into what was once unfruitful and barren.

This week we look at the grief and suffering of Martha and Mary in the midst of their brother’s death. How does Jesus meet them (and us) in our suffering? He offers truth and tears. Jesus enters into our suffering in order to end all suffering. He’s overwhelmed by it so he can overcome it.

“The tears of God are the meaning of history” – Wolterstorff, Lament for a Son

TEXT: John 11:17-45
Special thanks to Robert Cunningham and Tim Keller.

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