I’m Not Religious Podcast

I’m Not Religious Podcast


Two 19 year-old girls going through the awkward phase between Gen-Z and Millennial status take on tough topics related to social and spiritual matters. Traditional vs. radical perspectives on religion become apparent throughout each episode as Tearzuh and Tori attempt to decipher how a Christ-like love can be articulated in a modern-day lifestyle. Biblical reference alongside external sources factor into the opinions that are seemingly ever-changing as new information is acquired. The goal is to create a community that feels comfortable expressing personal beliefs and experiences on the official “I’m Not Religious Podcast” Instagram account. Topics include Mental Health, Starving Artists, Relationships, etc. Regardless which belief system you affiliate with, perhaps none at all, you are welcome to join us as we discuss the million-dollar-question: Are we religious? Maybe, but “Are we loving?” is our focus.

This week, Tearzuh and Tori cover an array of heavy questions…..

Topics discussed:

– Why God
– What the hell
– Why do bad things happen to good people?


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