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TheBLAST Podcast • By Disciples, For Disciples


We welcome you to TheBLAST Podcast, where we seek to inspire, challenge and inform all Christians and especially those of the Christian Fellowship Ministries. Recreating those conversations that shape disciples and encourage saints. For decades, the Trumpet magazine has been a great blessing to churches, pastors and disciples around the world. This podcast aims to be the electronic descendant of that effort. Receive new episode alerts and send in feedback by texting “BLAST” to 844-990-3380 Leave us voicemail feedback by calling us at: 757-241-4426

TheBLAST Podcast is in Chandler to take part in the annual Chandler Bible Conference, but had to be delayed due to COVID-19 this year. In this brief episode, we go around the table with takeaways and reactions from Pastor Campbell’s remarkable opening message. Go watch/listen to this message for yourself:

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