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Irenicast – A Progressive Christian Podcast


Rethinking and reimagining your faith? That matters. You are not alone. Follow those questions, doubts, and curiosities with us on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month. Hosts Jeff, Bonnie, Casey, Allen, and Rajeev cultivate thoughtful conversations for the spiritual journeyer. Especially if you’re evolving out of Evangelicalism or Christian Fundamentalism, you are Irenicast.

Casey and Bonnie have a heart to heart on the topic of abortion. They begin by sharing their experiences with abortion, planned parenthood, anti-choice protestors and sexuality education. Casey shares his mom’s story. Bonnie shares her own. Co-hosts take an incredulous look back in time at the attitudes about abortion they inherited from their formative evangelical and fundamentalist Christian communities. Bonnie and Casey consider the opportunistic way the oppressive forces of male supremacy and patriarchy infused with American evangelical Christianity after Roe v. Wade.

Using biblical references, co-hosts propose a basic moral framework to ground an actual “pro-life” stance rather than an “anti-choice” stance when deciding whether or not to continue a pregnancy. Bonnie insists that it is safe for society to trust women with their own uteruses. Casey agrees. To close the episode, co-hosts lament the legacy of shame so many women who chose abortion continue to live with.


From Our Conversation on Abortion

– Donald Trump’s Track Record with Reproductive Rights
– John 4 NRSV (Woman at the Well)
– John 8:1-11 NRSV (Woman Caught in Adultery)
– The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism by Katherine Stewart (Book – Amazon Affiliate Link)
– The Power Worshippers: A look inside the American religious right
– Governor Reagan Signs Liberal California Abortion Law
– Equal Rights Amendment
– Jesus Camp
– The Strange Bedfellows of the Anti-Contraception Alliance (article)


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