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When someone says the word “church” everyone sees a different image in their mind. We believe Hope City Church is unlike anything you have experienced before. It’s a different church experience, but not because of different beliefs, gimmicks, or tricks. We are different because of the people. Hope City is filled with different kinds of people that don’t always agree theologically or politically, but are unified around one truth: Jesus Christ didn’t have to, but chose to die on the cross, and He dramatically changed our lives forever. On any given weekend you’ll find people who have been attending church for 40 years and some who walked through the doors for the first time 4 minutes ago. You will find former Catholics, current Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals, wealthy businessmen and families on food stamps. We are not brought together by our differences; we are brought together by Jesus and the cross. We are a Pentecostal church, which for us just means an experience that is exciting, powerful, and life giving. Our weekend services are designed for people at all different places on their spiritual journey, and that includes someone who doesn’t know Jesus personally. A relationship with Jesus is alive. Religion is stale and lifeless, so we are always striving for more of Jesus and less religion. We would love to get a chance to meet you at one of our weekend services sometime soon. Welcome to Hope City Church! NEW If you are new to Hope City text “HCNEW” to 33777 SERMON GUIDE Truish Part 4 – Good Is Better Than True (Moralism) Big Idea: The biggest threat to your faith is not bad behavior but bad beliefs. Moralism = a strong belief that moral, usually traditional behavior, should be shared by all. Romans 3:9 “No one is righteous—not even one.” Philippians 3:9 I no longer count on my own righteousness through obeying the law; rather, I become righteous through faith in Christ. For God’s way of making us right with himself depends on faith. Luke 23:32-43 Two others, both criminals, were led out to be executed with him. 33When they came to a place called Calvary, they nailed him to the cross. And the criminals were also crucified—one on his right and one on his left. Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.” And the soldiers gambled for his clothes by throwing dice. The crowd watched and the leaders scoffed. “He saved others,” they said, “let him save himself if he is really God’s Messiah, the Chosen One.” The soldiers mocked him, too, by offering him a drink of sour wine. They called out to him, “If you are the King of the Jews, save yourself!” A sign was fastened above him with these words: “This is the King of the Jews.” One of the criminals hanging beside him scoffed, “So you’re the Messiah, are you? Prove it by saving yourself—and us, too, while you’re at it!” But the other criminal protested, “Don’t you fear God even when you have been sentenced to die? We deserve to die for our crimes, but this man hasn’t done anything wrong.” Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.” And Jesus replied, “I assure you, today you will be with me in paradise.” It doesn’t get more fair than Christianity…. Everybody is welcome, everybody gets in the same way, everybody can meet the requirement. Discussion Questions 1. What are your biggest motivations for going to church? 2. Do you feel like Christianity is fair? Why or why not? 3. Do you know anyone that found Jesus after a life of “bad behavior”, like the thief on the cross? What’s your reaction to that? 4. How does it make you feel that getting into heaven doesn’t depend on your behavior, but on what Jesus did for you? CONNECT We created a Facebook group to help stay connected while we aren’t meeting in person for service. Click the link below to join the Hope City Church Online Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/206609247109415 CARE If you or a loved on is in need of prayer or care, we would love to help! Drop a comment down below, send us a direct message, or send your care request to care@realhopenow.com. GIVE Our heart is to share as much hope with as many people as possible, and you make that happen because of your generosity. Click the link below to give. http://www.realhopenow.com/give/ Thank you for tuning in to today’s service. We’ll see you soon!

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