Church on the Move Glenpool Podcast

Church on the Move Glenpool Podcast


Listen to the weekly podcast of Church on the Move West Campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma led by Senior Campus Pastor Seth Swindall. We believe that growing people change. As you listen we hope you are challenged and equipped to make meaningful changes as you grow spiritually.

How do you, a Christ-follower, walk out the Biblical concept of honor when it comes to your finances? Let’s talk about it.

We live in a culture of dishonor—you see it in the cynicism and sarcasm that tears down everything without limit. You see it in how we talk to and about each other. We’ve grown up in this culture of dishonor, so the Biblical idea of honor might not come naturally to you. But honor is a part of the culture of Heaven, and you’re meant to honor God. So, how do you honor God with your money?

– You honor what you love
– You honor what you prioritize
– You honor with your actions

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