Y.I.E.L.D. Today With Dallin Candland

Y.I.E.L.D. Today With Dallin Candland


I’m sharing personal experiences, stories, and things that have helped me succeed in my life and get through the struggles I’ve gone through. My hope is that this podcast gives a voice for those who feel that they have no voice, and helps them to appreciate their lives and look forward with faith.I’ll also be doing interviews with friends, professionals, and the like about what they’ve learned about loving what they do and making a difference in their jobs, families, and communities.

I heard Madison speak about breathing and presence at Tree House Talks last semester and was blown away by it! I thought she would be great for the podcast and she agreed to come on.

Today we talked a little about Madison’s journey so far through college, taking care of herself, and learning about the power of presence and flow. This was definitely a really fun episode to record, and I hope you guys enjoy it too.

If you would like to hear more from Madison and/or ask her about being present here’s her Instagram: madagascar5

Thanks for the support! I am really trying to fire on all cylinders this week and get an episode up each day until 2021 ends! It’ll be great! 🙂

Time Stamps:

10:00 – Let it all go through, don’t avoid it

14:25 – Why journaling is so good

16:00 – Using your gems of life to create things

16:40 – What helped Madison in her first semester of college

19:33 – What has helped Madison to stay with herself

22:00 – The house on fire analogy

25:00 – What fascinates Madison about Master Oogway (from Kung Fu Panda)


“I was present with myself, with these feelings (that are uncomfortable) and now I can be present with others.”

“Writing in my journal helps me to see things more as they really are and not how I see them.”

“You cannot be past with yourself, or future with yourself, so I am just going to be present with myself. I’m going to keep an eye on the future and the past, but I am going to live in the present.”

“Facing those feelings. I think that is one of the best things because if you really let yourself feel those things you can get through it.”

“Journaling is a way to get it out and get connected with yourself.”

“Just breathing has helped me refocus and do the task that is at hand and just keep to myself, get all those pieces together again (because they are all over the place) but then if you just say, okay, breathe in…. breathe out… then all of it just slowly and very gently comes together.”

“You have an abundance of life. You have this incredible gift, and you can see the tiny things and that makes the rest of your life even more enjoyable because you find beauty in small and simple moments.”

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