Witchy Bites: once bitten, twice witch

Witchy Bites: once bitten, twice witch


Hanny and Liz are two witches living in the Southern Hemisphere. We look forward to sharing our journeys with you.

Hey Peeps,
This month Hanny and Liz have an in-depth discussion about the statement that our wonderful friend Lynn made;

“Centuries old practice is not learned on TikTok. Don’t school others on lore you read “somewhere”. Chop wood, carry water puppies. There are no shortcuts.” — Lynn Parlett.

During the discussion, we cover:

– What is learning?
– How adult learners differ for children
– Wasps… yeah, there was an interloper or two!
– How annoying being schooled is… and is it okay to ‘school’ people?
– How readily available instruction is in the witchcraft community
– Is caring about other people’s practice a good use of our time?
– Are there shortcuts we can take in our practice?

Resources mentioned:

– In Search of the New Forest Coven by Philip Heselton (Peter was sooooooooo close, but it’s Philip!). Published: 1st September 2020. ISBN: 9781913768003
– Pan’s Daughter: the magical world of Rosaleen Norton by Nevill Drury [2016]. ISBN: 9781906958411
– The Witch of Kings Cross (2020): Documentary. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt13795322/

It turns out there are a few books titled Chop wood, carry water. So Josh’s book is not the right one! It is:

Chop wood, carry water: a guide to finding spiritual fulfillment in everyday life by Rick Fields. Published 1st December 1984. ISBN: 9780874772098

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