Witchcraft for the Restless

Witchcraft for the Restless


Witchcraft and nature and spells, oh my! Get cozy and let’s chat about magic, social issues, and all things witchy with me, Kai. Your resident queer folk herbalist.

In this short episode, I talk through coming up the card placements for this month’s Patreon tarot spread. It’s early spring, which means it’s Spring ephemeral time! Spring ephemerals bring out a LOT of foragers, new and experienced alike. And with the huge spike in popularity this year, it got me thinking about responsible foraging and how we might apply the same lessons to our own lives.

Full show notes at TheRestlessWitch.com

00:00 – Intro – Tarot Reading Preamble – Concept to Cards

00:55 – Trendy Foraging and how it inspired this spread

01:45 – Hi Ladybug! How do I begin creating a tarot spread.

02:10 – First things first, what’s happening in nature?

02:59 – Foraging as a Trend

03:45 – Foraging and Plant ID facebook Groups – Plant Identification and Education Plant Identification, In all likelihood, your local area or state probably has a dedicated plant facebook group! Here’s one for my area, Southwestern Ontario! Here’s iNaturalist and Seek!

04:35 – Alexis Nikole/BlackForager Instagram, TikTok – ChaoticForager/Gabrielle Cerberville Instagram, TikTok

06:30 – Turning the lens on yourself and turning that into card placements.

08:52 – Card Placements in this Spread

12:29 – Patreon.com/therestlesswitch

13:36 – Thank you for Listening! Links and Socials!

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Written, produced edited, hosted, etc by: Kai, TheRestlessWitch

Music: Harvest by Those of Willow

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