Totally Witchin’ Psychic Tools for Deeper Living

Totally Witchin’ Psychic Tools for Deeper Living


Harness the transformational power of magick, mystery and muse. Take a deep dive into “the unseen” to discover energies that surround you every day. Receive psychic messages from Wisdom. Learn practical tips and psychic tools to create more inner-peace, contentment and joy. Let’s get witchy as we tap in, simmer down and create a magickal life.

Throughout the ages, people have been afraid of what they did not understand, and often there was a price to pay.

In 15th and 16th century Europe, this manifested as demonization of witches that led to the death of potentially tens of thousands of women and men. Although the fears that were propagated at the time are beyond belief in today’s world, there are still lingering remnants of their effects at many levels in our society. Specifically, Wicca and neopaganism are still held by many as something unholy, against God and to be shunned or feared.

Let’s unravel the myths around Wicca and neopaganism, and take a look at the depth, presence and wisdom that can be learned from nature-based spirituality and honoring the archetype of the Goddess.

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– Popular Wiccan and neopagan symbols and meaning
– Misconceptions connecting neopaganism and Satanism

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