The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour

The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour


Meet Charlye Michelle and Macy Frazier, also known as the hosts of The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour. They invite you to join them as they explore the overly complicated and highly debated world of all that is spiritual. Sit back, relax, an enjoy as these Basic Witches provide you with lots of laughs, and hopefully some learning along the way

How Does That Flying Ointment Work?!

Back at it again with some more Kitchen Witchery! We take it back to basics with Black Pepper.
Speaking of Kitchen Witchery, can we talk about how Tomatoes are kinda sus? 🐺 🍑

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We are not doctors, lawyers, or professionals. We are amateurs, and nothing we say should be taken as advice, instruction, or seriously. Any action taken based on what we say or imply can and will lead to illness, existential crisis, injury, your pets no longer loving you, and death. We make no promise or guarantee, expressed or implied, and assume no legal liability or responsibility for any injuries resulting from the use of information contained within our media.

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