Stories with San

Stories with San


Hi Friends. Putting the kettle on for us. I’m San (SuzanneTHartman). I am a writer and artist creating a Tarot/Oracle called “The Haegtessa’s Journey of the Crone”. I am also creating comics, poetry, stories, and art. Nestled in the Mountains BlessedMama toThreeWonderfulSuns NeuroBeautiful Family PoetPainterPicturetaker . i am a vapor living taster. mind manifesting lover grounded rainbow shine mother. shadows moaning luminescence showing. integrated with essence sensual blessings. anahata’s flowers geometric showers. Thank you for being here! Ot dushi, San

My dear, I do not speak anymore.
yet you understand me completely.
I am so glad that you are here ere the twilight.

I have some extra pipes in the cupboard. Please help yourself to anything.

The kettle and percolator are on the stove.

Would you like tea or coffee?

I made us a stew of wild things growing from the forest

and those that are cultivated come from the garden.

Most importantly, we have the herb thyme: thymus vulgaris .

For some, thyme gives a gentle nod to their thymus which is above the heart and below the thyroid. This plant enlightens our immune system.

Our soul enjoys this green ally very much but mostly our heart.

Sit with thyme for a while and I will gather our mugs and bowls.

Time does not visit the Cottage anymore. They are busy elsewhere.

It is of the ethereal crepuscular moments for now.

So you do have time if this is where you want to be.

You are infinite here and for always.

Thyme has been waiting for you. Breath them in. Smell them.

They are so beautiful. So many varieties.

Keep this one for your journey.

For in our beginning, the lightning bugs surround us.

Their lights have shown you the way here.

Take one plant and make it known to your heart.

Do you see the tiny lights afloat of each leaf?

They are smiling at you now.

Start with Thyme. Lift your Spirit with the song of Lights…

The rest of the story is on my wordpress blog: and youtube: sanstarsanctum


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