Fabulous Fools Tarot Podcast

Fabulous Fools Tarot Podcast


What started as fun insights into tarot and other related topics by V, a Witch, and Karen, a Catholic, has transformed into book reviews with a tarot twist, featuring book discussions, book-inspired original tarot spreads, & mini deck reviews. Follow our podcast Instagram @fabulousfoolstarot for images of cards and spreads used in episodes, announcements, and more. New episodes the first Sunday of the month. Find V @mysticalmillennial and Karen @grailseekersquest on Instagram. Fabulous Fools Theme music by Russell Beard. Art by Creatrix Tarot @creatrixtarot on Instagram. Join us for a discussion of Maggie Stiefvater’s standalone fantasy novel inspired by mythical Celtic horses. V does a goal-setting reading for the new year, Karen does a mini-review of Stiefvater’s Scorpio Sea Tarot (guidebook by Melissa Cynova), based on the novel and other Celtic mythology, and some of the characters get a tarot reading too. V dishes on the special bonus content in the audiobook, and Karen talks about her favorite horse charity, the Kentucky Humane Society’s Equine C.A.R.E. program. Visit our Instagram @fabulousfoolstarot for images from this episode, for information on our next book, and other fun stuff. Thank you and happy new year!

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