DJ Nocturna Presents Queen of Wands

DJ Nocturna Presents Queen of Wands


Welcome to my podcast ! This podcast is for anyone and everyone who embodies or wants to embody the energies of the Queen and King of Wands. Quiet and intense, the Queen and King of Wands are the fiery divine counterparts in the tarot deck. Passionate, powerful, spiritual, charismatic, generous, confident, grateful, friendly, outgoing, creative, ambitious, enthusiastic, optimistic and a leader, the Queen of Wands rules the fire element corresponding to the signs of Sagittarius, Aries and Leo in Western Astrology. The Queen of Wands was inspired by Shannon, an intuitive and empath, soul mentor. Like the Queen and King of Wands, we are all connected by energy and in our spiritual journeys, we contribute to each other’s path of evolution and development in some way shape or form. Psychiatrist and author, M. Scott Peck, best defined this connection through LOVE in The Road Less Traveled as “The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.” Hosted by DJ Nocturna, this show will focus on LOVE and inspiration, as it relates to the world of entertainment and passion. It is the dark creative passionate inspiration that Spanish poet, Federico Garcia Lorca called Duende. In his In Search of Duende, he said, “All that has black sounds has duende.. that mysterious force that everyone feels and no philosopher can explain.” We are motivated to pursue something we love, that yearning of the soul, whether it be in art, literature, music, dance, etc… If we are not passionate about it, then we wouldn’t pursue it. This podcast will feature music, interviews, the arts, fashion, theatre, film, food, wine, drinks and creative projects. This podcast will also feature discussions and interviews relating to the spiritual realm and evolution of the soul that’s both enlightening and entertaining. Thank you for your support and for listening to this podcast !

Record Producer, Musician and L.A. Punk Legend, Paul Roessler was a former member and played keyboards for the Screamers, 45 Grave, Nervous Gender, Josie Cotton, Geza X, the Deadbeats, Twisted Roots and Nina Hagen and many others. Joining the Nina Hagen Band he also produced Nina Hagen’s gospel album, Personal Jesus and toured with her-The Return of the Mother and co-wrote the song “Antiworld,” from one of Nina Hagen’s most successful albums, NunSexMonkRock.

Roessler also released solo projects: Abominable, 12 Steppers and the Dead Junkies, 6/12, Match Girl, The Arc and produced some of the albums of the Barbarellatones and many more.

He continues to write music and produced them, along with music for other artists at the
Kitten Robot Studios and started a new record label called Kitten Robot Records. He is also the brother of Kira Roessler, the former bassist for the influential hard core punk band Black Flag. Roessler is working on a new album to be called “The Turning of the Bright World” scheduled to be released next year.

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