We thank everyone for listening and participating during our live shows. Archives are still available here. Enjoy!!! Shamanic studies, enjoy learning and sharing everything close to nature, natural healing, energetic healing modalities, the wild ones. Join Cynastry¬© in our journey of discovery of the natural world. Make us friends on facebook, twitter, myspace,Vickers network. Favouring ensures you stay up with the latest shows. So Today is day 3 of the 7 day total transformation. This is the challenge, ” Can we give ourselves permission to give an outside source the power to move us into a new mindset? You know we have made our choices for a reason. It seems it was safe for some unknown reason to hide in the idea that we were somehow more spiritual, caring, loving and sensitive if we show others that we understand their pain, their lack.

Guess what we have to awaken in our mind is the dream we share that boat.

As I write to you today I am excited share the discovery of my revamping my map. Will I succeed in 7 days to realign my delights, my passion into an expression of a truly free and honourable life?

Witness my change give me feedback on what you can see as my transformation.

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