Reflection of a Deeper Song

Reflection of a Deeper Song


Are you ready to sing a deeper song? Cara Lumen, spiritual philosopher, metaphysical educator, seeker and guide, helps agents of change harvest their gifts and get them to their chosen community so that they more deeply impact those they serve. She helps you become aligned with a purpose and place of service that touches lives and also deepens your personal sense of accomplishment and relevance.


J-1 – Foundation For The Journey Within –
Create Your Sacred GArden

Within the inner world of your invisible self is a personal place of power and healing. It is a sanctuary for guidance, introspection, and spiritual deepening. It is available to everyone.

Your Sacred Garden in your personal sanctuary. It is a place of self-healing. It is the starting place for meditation, for shamanic journeys.

It this episode, Cara Lumen, spiritual explorer and founder of the Deeper Song Community, leads you on a guided meditation to create this inner sanctuary for your own spiritual practice.

Using the ancient introspective method of shamanic mediations called journeying , Cara guides you to the inner realms where you create your personal place of refuge. Everything you find in your Sacred Garden is an aspect of you, a symbolic, metaphoric message from your inner self.

Whether you want to mediate for self-healing, a deeper understanding of your soul purpose, the well-being of our world, or insights and wisdom for your daily life, you begin your meditative journey in the sanctuary of your Sacred Garden.

In this episode. Cara will guide you in building a transpersonal bridge between the inner and outer world and help you uncover the treasures of your inner self.

In this episode:

1. Discover the purpose of Your Sacred Garden. What is it, why you want to use it, how to create it.

2, Journey to your invisible worlds to create this sacred inner retreat.

3. Learn how to immediately add the Sacred Garden to your own spiritual practice.


Drumming Recording: For your personal practice, this drumming tape by Shamanist Sandra Ingerman will help you move gently into a receptive state for your journey. Your journey can be as long or as short as it turns out to be.

In this episode Cara use a Tibetan Hand Bell / Meditation & Prayer Bells / Dorje / Vajra – Medium. There is a variety of these available.

Further Study: If you want to learn more about shamanism I suggest you begin with the book Awakening to the SpiritWorld, the Shamanic Path of Direct Revelation by Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman, both of whom I have studied with.

You can also take courses from both Sandy and Hank at The Shift Network.


The first three podcasts should be listened to in order. They lay the foundation.

J-1 Foundation For The Journey Within – Create Your Sacred Garden

NEXT: J-2 Connecting with your Power Animal

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Reflections of a Deeper Song

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