When Walls Can Talk: The Podcast

When Walls Can Talk: The Podcast


Hosted by Psychic Medium and Tarot Practitioner Jeremy Haig, When Walls Can Talk: The Podcast explores the world of the supernatural and the unexplained, featuring special guests and spiritualists from across the beautiful spectrum that is the witchcraft community. Grab a warm blanket or a hot cup of tea and enjoy spooky paranormal tales, Tarot lessons and collective readings, and in-depth explorations of spirituality hot topics!

SEASON THREE IS FINALLY HERE!!!! Kick off the season with one of the most famous and “Most Haunted Homes in America”, The Whaley House. While many shows have covered the investigations and tragedies that surround the Whaley House and it’s family, not many know the full story….

Let’s begin!

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https://www.trolleytours.com/san-diego/whaley-house https://www.camposanto.com/quarterlyreview/volume-1/issue-4/overland-limited/

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