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What Spirit Says


Welcome to What Spirit Says with Marisa! Marisa is an Intuitive, Spiritual Medium who communicates with the Spirit and Divine World to bring loving, guiding, and healing messages from the Souls who shine in Heaven. Marisa only receives and communicates messages that come from a place of healing, enlightenment, and purpose; not of a place that comes from negativity or fear. The foundation of Marisa’s work as a Medium is based on the truth that love is everlasting! Join Marisa as she shares insight on how to enlighten your Spirit and bring light to your Soul. It is never too late to open your heart, your mind, and your Soul to the blessing of healing! Want to Book A Reading with Marisa? Check out her website! www.marisadelzio.com Follow Marisa on Instagram: @marisadelziospiritual

Welcome to What Spirit Says with Marisa! Enlighten your Spirit and Soul!

Sacred Truth – The Light of the Heavens

Hi Shining Souls! Happy Fall!

What does Spirit say to you? Think about that for a moment. Well, you may be thinking, how do I know if Spirit is talking to me? If you think that Spirit has never spoken to you, they have! Just by thinking of our loved ones in Spirit, we are communicating with them. So, if we have yet to hear or see signs from Spirit, can we still feel them?


The Angels

Lots of Light

What Spirit Says about why we should not fear God.

What Spirit Says about questioning God.

What Spirit Says about the Light, about darkness, and about freewill.

What Spirit Says about what the energy of Spirit feels like.

What Spirit Says about where we choose to shine amongst the Heavens.

The Light of the Heavens speak to our truth. True wisdom is felt by the heart and seen with the Light of Soul, shifting our energy and nourishing our spiritual immune system.

Moving forward, What Spirit Says episodes will be ending with some extra Light! Each episode will end with “Medical Medium Minutes”, where I will pick a topic from @medicalmedium information to briefly discuss and share. In this episode, I highlight the chapter on Fragrance from Anthony William’s latest book(s) release! Brain Saver & Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes

There is no greater Light to shine than the Light of healing!

With lots of love and gratitude, it is time to Shine Your Light! Follow Marisa on Instagram at: @marisaspiritual

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