The Power of Second Sight with Spiritualist Guru Pat Tucci (Some call him the 8th Arc Angel)

The Power of Second Sight with Spiritualist Guru Pat Tucci (Some call him the 8th Arc Angel)


Experience living a life in the Spiritual World for over 50 years. Lama Pat Tucci began seeing spirits at 6 years old and in a short time, it became everyday life for him. Get the inside information on how this life really is and the many dangers associated with it. At age 18 no real Psychic would read him because he was more powerful than all of them. Now at 66, he tells the truth about the Afterlife and Spiritualism. He explains how to deal with being gifted and how to make it work for you in a positive manner. How to make your life a positive and constructive success. Support this podcast:

If you are Spiritual or becoming a Spiritualist you need to own it. This service is all about being yourself and not changing anything when in different places or around people. I go into the specifics about how easy it can be for you. Here are some tips to get deeper into it.

Ways to boost your spiritual health

– Connect with your Spiritual community. According to a Gallup study, 44% of Americans say they belong to a Spiritual Group or Ashram.
– Volunteer or help others.
– Practice yoga.
– Meditate and “O MING”.
– Keep a journal on your progress
– Spend time in nature.
– Focus on your hobbies or look for new ones.
– Speak with a senior Spiritualist or someone you trust.
– Find yourself by doing different things that you never did before.
– Listen to this Sunday Service from a Lama that has been a Spiritualist for over 50 years

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