The Just Je’Rhonda Experience

The Just Je’Rhonda Experience


Get all the way together for your highest good. Je’Rhonda is a medium, spiritualist, and Life Transformation Mentor here to help you step into self-sovereignty and live your best soul-led life. She’ll bring you channeled messages from spirit and talk about her adventures in mediumship. Get ready to explore self-worth, power, and soul purpose according to how our energy interacts with the universe.

It’s the FINAL episode of Season Two and y’all — this one is where it’s at.

We’re talking about fake love and getting yourself OUT of the circus. It’s time.

Hopefully season two brought some good insight to you guys and helped you to realize and see that you don’t need the people in life who bring you down.

In reality, what they’re saying and what their actions are, is two different things.

What that tells you is you’re not worth their time of day, and you need to see that for what it is and move on.

~Let’s move on and upwards from stagnant energy and claim what’s yours.~

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