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Styx + Bones by Evoking


Come join us on a journey into the spiritual realm with your hosts Chelsea and Ten! We’re psychic mediums and seers and we study ancient mythology and spiritual practices! Ten is an archaeologist and Chelsea has been practicing for over 8 years. This podcast will be diving into spirits, debunking paranormal stories, ancient mystery religions and divinities, witchcraft, spirit guides, death, mythology, tarot and more! Don’t forget to check out our NEW patreon for more exclusive content: Support this podcast:

Welcome back to the ghost and ghouls of our podcast!

On today’s episode we’re talking about one of our favorite forms of magic – lunar magic! We’re chatting about how you can work with the lunar cycles, what each one is good for and things we personally do on the new and full moon.

We then chat a little about some of our favorite Greco-Roman lunar deities such as Hekate!

Tenn also quizzes Chelsea on some Samhain superstitions and ridiculous things say about Halloween and witchcraft.

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