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My Celestial Design


Welcome to the Luminary podcast by Annie Perry. Annie is a professional psychic, seer and spirituality teacher. On this podcast we explore stories of spiritual awakenings, psychic channeling, cosmic consciousness and so much more! We’re glad you’re here, don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review. For more information about Annie and her current offerings check out or her instagram account @iamthewellspring

Welcome Beautiful Souls to our second episode in the Beings of Light series. This week I have the honor and delight of diving in deep with my friend Hayley Curtis. Hayley is the founder and wisdom keeper of Soulfull Journaling on instagram and now The Journey Home, her membership community.
(Don’t miss our first conversation in Episode 14 from November 5th 2021.)

We had such a good time talking about all of the incredible things she’s been up to since our last interview. We’re Discussing:

– Hayley’s evolution of self over the last year.
– How our use of social media shapes our experience with it.
– How she cultivated a beautiful online community and her devotion to her work and how she shows up.
– Transformational Journaling and the importance of questions that dig deep.
– The Journey Home, Hayley’s online membership community and the transformation occurring for women in this sacred space.
– The future of community and the divine feminine rising.
– How to surrender to the richness of life and the meaning of unconditional love.

You can connect with Hayley on instagram at

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