Life is in Your Hands

Life is in Your Hands


We all have stories. These stories reflect in our hands, but we can create the life we want regardless of our stories. Cynthia Clark, Spiritual Intuitive, author and healer of and, hosts this inspiring show with practical palmistry lessons and interesting interviews to help you create a better story for yourself and your life. Do you know where you go when you die? You go to a place called the Crystal City. Cynthia Clark visited this city in a recent hypnosis session and discovered a way to heal trapped emotions. In this episode she takes you through the process. To watch the full episode, click here: or listen here:–Healing-Trapped-Emotions-e1j7usi/a-a8147pk Want to learn palmistry? We have a Complete Palmistry Course! Now more affordable and comprehensive than ever. Check it out here: Interested in learning about tarot and palmistry? Here is a link to our introductory course: Looking for a soulmate? We offer a complete course called “How to Ignite Soulmate Love,” check it out here: Looking to accelerate in your spiritual growth? Check out our Blue Rose Membership, the place where resonant souls connect and grow together through ascension training, weekly palmistry and tarot readings, group quantum healing and private forum discussion. FREE Heart Chamber Report! Learn how to recognize and heal trapped emotions, sign up here: All new Palmistry Tarot Card Deck!!!! Cynthia is now offering a brand new course that teaches you how to use this amazing deck that combines a traditional 78 card tarot deck with palmistry and crystals. A must have for any tarot collector. Check it out here: Interested in a private reading with Cynthia? She offers a variety of guidance sessions using palmistry and tarot to assist you in all areas of your life including love, life purpose, finance and any life changes. Check it out here:

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