Hear.Me! See.Me! Love.Me! Podcast

Hear.Me! See.Me! Love.Me! Podcast


Welcome to Hear.Me! See.Me! Love.Me! with Spiritual Life Coach, Patience Chigodora. Hear.Me! See.Me! Love.Me! is a self-fulfilling affirmation that serves as a reminder to hear you, see you and love you first and foremost. This safe space will help you remember that you are your greatest healer and empower you to step into that self-loving healing power for your mind, body and spirit! If you’ve landed here, it’s not by accident! You belong here so join in the conversation, wherever you are and whoever you are..I hear you, I see you, I love you and you matter! Subscribe and share with friends!


✨This is a special message for anyone who may be grieving during this time of year. This time of year is surrounded with a lot of positive external energy that sometimes can feel like pressure to feel happy and be jolly even when internally that’s not true for you.

✨For some, this time is another reminder that our loved ones are no longer physically here, triggering emotions of grief.
✨Or the loss of what our family dynamics once were or ‘should’ look like…even if it’s in our best interest, it’s okay to still mourn that loss.

✨This is a time be loving with yourself by being extra gentle and compassionate with yourself as you navigate the wavering triggers and emotions. Having the awareness of your emotions, witnessing and accepting them for what they are is sooo healing and helpful. It’s only when we resist how we feel, it persists causing us more pain in the process!

✨Always be true to how you feel! ✨

✨Wishing you all a kind, healing, joyful filled holidays celebrating yourself for simply being you!💛💛

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