Dear Venus

Dear Venus


Venus The Medium. Do you want to know what your boyfriend is really thinking, or your husband, daughter, boss … or “Aunt Betty” who’s passed over? Listen to “Dear Venus” with host Venus Andrecht. She’s smart, warm, funny, and totally authentic. Venus’s unique psychic ability lets her “look” into people’s minds, ask questions . . and obtain true, and amazing answers. She calls her talent “clear-seeing,” and it allows her to share with you the real thoughts of your friends and family, both living and dead. Venus has the ability to look at, unravel, and change difficult situations. She sees things clearly, when you can’t. She also has an amazing ability to make good things happen for people! For More Episodes of the “Dear Venus” show OR to Get the Entire Library of Dear Venus episodes from 2005 – 2016 visit, click the On Demand Button and choose GET PREMIUM ACCESS for all the shows. *** To Learn How To Do What Venus Does, go to the website and send her an email- Subject line: CLASSES. You’ll be on The List to be emailed information about learning her “secrets.”
• Bird Song For Mental Health

• Dying On Time?

• Your Vibrations Are Showing

• A Ring Drops From Heaven

• Where Did That Missing Man Go?

• Those Amazon Women

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• Studio Callers: Denise Is Close To Exposing Some Life Mysteries, Catherine’s Body Demands More Nap Time Away FromThe Complains People and Valerie Saw Her Dead Son Asking Her To Help His Children.

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