Angels and Awakening

Angels and Awakening


Julie Jancius is The Angel Medium™ and host of the #10 spiritual podcast, Angels and Awakening, which receives over 1.3+ million downloads a year in 70+ countries around the world. Julie is a world renowned angel expert on a mission to teach you how to connect with your angels and loved ones on the Other Side in order to make living “Heaven on Earth.” She is in talks to possibly have her own reality TV show where you will quickly fall in love with her smile, laugh and energy! In 2015, Julie thought she was going crazy when she suddenly began hearing her intuition clearly and seeing visions. Come to find out her estranged father had passed away on the same day her visions started. Her dad had been communicating with her the entire time! To figure out how, Julie left her corporate career to study with world renowned, God-based healers. Every time she works with a client, their Spirit Team (angels, guides and loved ones) are right there waiting to deliver positive, uplifting messages. Her life’s work is about teaching you how to make that connection for yourself. You can work with Julie LIVE every month in her Angel Membership program. As a member, you’ll have access to a new course each month that takes you deeper into yourself, your intuition and your connection. Her book, Angels and Awakening, is the first in a series that were written to go along with her monthly Angel Membership. If you are on a spiritual quest or looking for a community of like-minded souls to talk to, Julie’s Angel Membership is what you’ve been searching for! Julie is also the founder of Angel Reiki, a method of energy healing that simultaneously teaches you how to develop your unique God-given spiritual gifts in order to work one-on-one with people. To train with Julie, join her Angel Reiki School™. Named the #7 Top Coach in Chicago Entrepreneurs Magazine, Julie is known for breaking down complex spiritual topics and making them easy to incorporate into everyday life. Through her inspirational talks, books and courses, Julie will help you understand who you truly are; the purpose of your soul; and how to deepen your connection with the Other Side.

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