All The Tea with Mary-Louisa

All The Tea with Mary-Louisa


Welcome to a unique podcast in which host Mary-Louisa, a psychic and cosmic channel also known as @divinemarylouisa on Instagram, explores and examines the eerie, the wondrous and the unknown.

Another day, another episode; welcome back and thank you for being here yet again!

Today, our guest is the vibrant Natashia Mack, a true earth angel and all around awesome human being! Natashia is an intuitive channel who works as both a coach and a mentor, supporting and inspiring highly sensitive, intuitive and empath entrepreneurs; meaning she specialises in supporting intuitives to release their blocks and be the emotionally aligned powerhouses that they are meant to be! Through her work and her podcast (Wake Up with Natashia), she supports others to wake up to their potential, to trust their intuition, to feel empowered, and most of all, to truly be aligned and SHINE as their most authentic selves. Today, we are talking all about the journey to finding authenticity, how your intuition can support your life and work, how to support the nervous system and reparenting the inner child.

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