A Psychic’s Story

A Psychic’s Story


Did you know that there are 8 psychic senses and that we all possess at least one of these psychic abilities – if not more? Whether we choose to believe, nurture or use our abilities is up to each one of us.

A top 10 spiritual podcast in 174 countries around the world, A Psychic’s Story gives a behind-the-scenes look at and has conversations with people who lead supernatural lives among the ordinary. Each episode is different, dispelling the myths and misconceptions we’ve been taught during our lives.

The show’s host – Nichole Bigley – is on a mission to help others not feel alone in their spiritual journeys. By better understanding our spiritual paths and psychic abilities we are able to live in authentic truth, be in alignment with our soul’s purpose and reach our fullest potential. We are, after all, spiritual beings here on Earth having a human experience. And the world needs each and every one of us to be a source of love, light and inspiration – to lean into and embrace that unique resonance that is ours and ours alone – and to share it.

Warning: If Death and Suicide are triggering to you fast forward through the 5:20 to 6:55 mark.

Happy Halloween!

Christopher and Joey St. Michael have over 50 years of combined investigative law enforcement experience in one of America’s toughest cities. Now retired, they have traded in their cuffs for cameras to bring you the evidence of their paranormal investigations through Paranormal Brothers Media. They investigate ghost sightings at haunted locations, but don’t limit themselves to just ghost hunts. They’ve taken on a variety of interesting paranormal subjects such as UFO’s, angelic encounters, local legends, haunted objects, reincarnation claims, infamous murders, and so much more!

Listen to this Halloween special as Chris walks us through some of his paranormal experiences while on the force and shares angel, reincarnation and UFO stories. He also shares audio clips of haunted places such as Devil’s Den and Witches’ Grave.

Check out the Paranormal Media Brothers YouTube channel. Follow them on Instagram @ParanormalBrothersMedia.

Listen to the Supernatural Matters episode on Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs).

Watch Ancient Aliens on the History channel.

Listen to Dolores Cannon’s audio book series The Convoluted Universe on Audible.

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This podcast is intended to inspire you on your personal journey toward inner peace. The podcast host, co-hosts or guests are not psychologists or medical doctors and do not offer any professional health or medical advice. If you are suffering from any psychological or medical conditions, please seek help from a qualified health professional.

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