What do you believe?

What do you believe?


The question has likely come to us all, “What Do You Believe?” Belief is an interesting thing. It is complex. Multi-faceted. Layered with emotion, and defined by our own unique experiences, traumas, perspectives, and pain. It is a powerful and driving force in each of our lives, sometimes without even knowing it. Belief doesn’t live in one box – it is all encompassing, ranging from the belief that intuition is the best decision-maker to the belief that meditation can solve the world’s most difficult problems. Whatever it is that you believe – you are welcome here.

Dr Jennifer MacGregor debunks beauty myths and fads, breaks down what labels mean and all things related to healthy skin. The deeper questions of what we see in ourselves and what is contaminating our minds with sometimes unachievable standards of beauty. Join us for incredible advice, a look at the unhealthy side of the beauty business and what really matters when we look in the mirror.


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