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Very Ape Podcast


Welcome to the place beyond the bullsh*t. A high vibration conversation about psychedelic healing, consciousness expansion, revolutionary politics, sex, and art. Hosted by documentary filmmakers Sean Dunne and Cass Greener. Trip report about our recent experience with the ancient psychedelic brew Soma. Hands down the wildest night of our lives. A nuclear bomb of wisdom was detonated in our souls, we died a thousand deaths, got abducted by aliens and got reborn into our rainbow bodies. Farthest out/farthest in we’ve ever gone. Part 2 of this podcast is too real for youtube, check it out on where we give the unfiltered breakdown and behind the scenes of our alien experience. Hope ya dig it! Peace, Love and Magic y’all. Peep this podcast and all our films on Support our patreon to get exclusive access to bonus podcasts, our radio show Church of Chill and our incredibly dope discord community – Follow us @veryapetv on Insta and Twitter

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