This Crazy Little Thing Called Life

This Crazy Little Thing Called Life


Are you a heart-centered healer & witch who was born to help others? Yes? Then I bet you’re ready to overcome the fear of being seen and help the people who NEED what you got? This podcast will Fuel the fire of your Soul-Led Passion and give to the tools to BE OF SERVICE to the people who NEED what you got sis all to support you to make a living sharing your gifts with the world. Real talk for Soul-Led Spiritual Leaders, Wild Women and service based entrepreneurs who’ve been playing small for too long and are finally ready to step into their power. We all know life can be a bit crazy at times and having tools and tricks to help you navigate with ease grace and a little cha cha is what this channel is all about. None of that spiritual prayer performance stuff. Bursting with spiritual tips and tricks that you can implement in your life today. Meg Thompson is a Coach, mentor, healer and Akashic Record Practitioner here to serve and support multi-passionate female entrepreneurs understand their soul purpose so they can get paid to do their great work! Sound like you? Tune in.

I know you want to feel successful, purposeful and free. To be working with magical humans and sharing what you know with the people who would benefit from what you create, right?

The real deal here is getting super fucking clear about what you stand for, what you want and most importantly how you can be of service to the collective. Hint hint it starts with you in your sacral.

You have a few BIG choices to make this month:

– Will you evolve your biz?
– Will you quit treating your soul purpose like a side hobby?
– Will you heal that relationship you’re holding onto anger and resentment in?
– Will you allow others to see you in your vulnerability?
– Will you let yourself NOT be ok and savor the messiness that is your human life?

Drop in and listen.




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