The Reality Revolution Podcast

The Reality Revolution Podcast


The Reality Revolution podcast is hosted by Brian Scott, a writer, entrepreneur, epiphany addict, inner space astronaut, life coach, transformation engineer, futurist, hypnotist, neurolinguistic programmer, meditation instructor, motivational speaker, researcher, intuition teacher, luck instructor and founder of the Advanced Success Institute. The Reality Revolution is born out of a fanatical vision quest to understand a near-death experience which was the culmination of a profound spiritual awakening in which Brian explores whether he has shifted into a parallel reality. The mission of the Reality Revolution podcast is to explore the new movement to hack reality exploring experiential quantum physics, reality transurfing, quantum jumping, meditation, hypnosis, qi-gong, sensory deprivation, virtual reality, mind tech, ayahuasca, psychedelics, channeling, manifestation, mindfulness, neurolinguistic programming, epigenetics, eft, energy psychology, yoga, ho’oponopono, luck coaching, Silva mind control, cybernetics, intuition training, biohacking, heart coherence, the Wim-Hof method, brain wave manipulation and advanced law of attraction techniques. This podcast is a first-hand account of Brian’s journey and an exploration of this unique and growing movement combined with interviews of people in a variety of fields. It explores practical exercises, obscure techniques, and guided meditations you can use to harness the power of parallel realities, quantum entanglement and deliberate intention to achieve your dreams, find love, find money, find success, and discover true happiness and fulfillment. You will discover deep lessons on how to transform your life using guided quantum journeys, morning and evening routines, meditative techniques, energy work, and the science of deliberate intention. Join the Reality Revolution!

Welcome to the starship infinity


Listen to this after listening to the guided meditation (Riding The Starship Infiinty To The Great Central Pyramid) You can find it here

By listening to the music you have anchored yourself to these new energies and you can bring them up by sound alone.

This special journey was prepared for you prior to your incarnation. This will take you to the great central pyramid, the largest pyramid in the galaxy and here you will heal, activate your DNA, and enter into the 4th density /fifth dimension.

Alternate Universe Reality Activation get full access to new meditations, new lectures, recordings from the reality con and the 90 day AURA meditation schedule

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Finale Music By Mettaverse

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Full Music Playlist

0:00 Brown Noise Space – Fizzonaut

6:04 Crystalimbic (Beta Waves) – Syntropy

9:17 Outer Space – Kikoro

11:13 REM Ember (Delta Waves) – Ookean

14:25 Guided Towards REM – Automatic Sensations

18:00 Balance – Amaranth Cove

21:03 Dark Turns To Light – Hampus Naeselius

25:54 Engine Room Breeze – Hawea

26:35 Rise To Be Your Hero – Hampus Naeselius

30:28 Etyde in Gamma – Joseph Beg

33:54 Future Unknown – Dream Cave

35:57 Divinity – Christopher Mor Ditlevsen

38:47 Radio Nights – Curved Mirror

44:31 Appeased Soundscape 11 – Augus Wilelmsson

46:32 Beyond Gravity – Spirit Of Our Dreams

49:39 Android Dreamscape – Joseph Beg

54:46 Mettaverse – Star Wanderers

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