ReWilding for Women

ReWilding for Women


In this podcast we’ll be RECLAIMING and RECONNECTING to the wildest and most empowering aspects of the feminine! We’ll explore a variety of practices from the sacred traditions of shamanism, tantra and astrology in order to uncover and step into the mysteries and the authentic power of the feminine. This is a chance to deepen your connection to your TRUE self, activate and embody the full power of the feminine within, understand and step further into your unique archetypes, reclaim your fullness and aliveness as a woman, deepen your sense of meaning and purpose, and unlock your full potential!

We hear phrases like “follow your bliss/dreams/fill in the blank” everywhere. But do you even know what your bliss/dreams/etc truly are? Are you sure you’re chasing what you want, and not what you are conditioned to want? In this podcast, Sabrina Lynn guides you through experiential practices to figure out what actually brings your soul…

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