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Welcome to Mystic Podcast where Daniela bridges the gap between the practicality of being human together with spirituality! Get ready to feel deeply inspired, receive practical tools, join mystical conversations, and dismantle the veil between the seen and the unseen! Join the mystic community @Mystic.Podcast and follow Daniela’s journey and teachings @IAmDanielaarango

Welcome back to Mystic Podcast and a new episode! Daniela is joined by self-made millionaire coach Stephanie Anne Hughson and together they talk about anxiety and business. Stephanie tells us about her first anxiety attack, why she started to experience anxiety, and how she handles it today while coaching and holding space for others. Together with Daniela, they also talk about the stories we sometimes tell ourselves when we feel low and the fact that we can hold both low and high emotions at the same time. They also talk about the importance of having the right support and that there is no right or wrong for that to look like.

In this episode Daniela and Stephanie talk about:

How Stephanie handles anxiety as a self-made millionaire coach.

Holding space for others while holding space for yourself.

The stories we tell ourselves when we feel low emotions.

The fact that we can feel both high and low emotions simultaneously.

Finding your aligned support and team.

Where to find Stephanie Hughson:

Stephanie Anne Hughson is a self-made millionaire coach. She has generated over 2.5 million in 12 months through her live coaching programs, masterminds and private coaching. She has built her business through organic social media marketing and creating a stand-out brand online. She is a content generator, social media influencer, community builder, celebration queen and professional speaker. She believes women can ‘have it all’ – the incredible heart-centered coaching business AND the personal wealth.

Instagram: @xogingy


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